Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh


Sharm El Sheikh BeachSharm el Sheikh is a world-class resort destination that attracts sports-minded travelers and family groups, as well as visitors looking for a restful heaven in which to relax. In addition to sunbathing, it offers parasailing, windsurfing, paddle boating, jet skiing, fishing and desert safaris to the Sinai wilderness. Moreover, Sharm el Sheikh has fabulous 5 star hotels and numerous sports centers that host important events and matches. Visitors can also enjoy aerobics, bowling, tennis, golf and bicycling.

Sharm el-Sheikh has a ferry running on Hurghada, and good communications going up on either side of Sinai.

Diving is compulsory when around the Red Sea. The coral reefs and the tropical fish, are among the greatest you can get across.

Na'ama Bay

Na'ama bayIf Sharm el-Sheikh is the best place for swimming and relaxing in Egypt, Na'ama is the best in Sharm. The setting and the amenities reach a level of quality that helps marketers push many other Egyptian destinations to a foreign audience.
Na'ama Bay boosts of great hotels, good restaurants and almost all activities imaginable. There are reefs off the beach at Na'ama, but the best places for going snorkeling are the Gardens (Near, Middle and Far) slightly east of Na'ama centre.

Central Sharm

If you are heading for a week or two in Sharm el-Sheikh you are best advised to avoid Central Sharm, which is the least appealing of the bays here. The fact that this is the closest you get to a town around here, sounds nice, but it is badly planned.
There are however some nice hotels, and swimming can be just as good here so, it truly is a question of your mood. But there are no reefs in the lagoon, so snorkelling is not terribly exciting here.

Shark's Bay

It is quite beautiful and the reef just off the beach is well-preserved, colorful and full of fish that loves swimming rich under you.

Ras Um Sid

Ras Um Sid is located next to the local lighthouse, and has a nice but small beach.
The reef off the beach is really good, noted especially for the fan corals. The fish life is of equal standard, with innumerable variations.

Old marketOld Market

The so-called old market, is really a rather new market placed in the area of old Sharm el-Sheikh. Still, the houses here were built a few decades ago, and correspond to the typical style of Egypt. The whole thing is far more genuine than what you may expect at a design-made tourist resort like Sharm el-Sheikh.

Diving & Snorkelling

In Sharm el-Sheikh, both diving and snorkeling can be rewarding just by stepping out from the beach. There are great reefs in Na'ama Bay, Ras Um Sid and Shark's Bay.

White Lagoon

BirdsThe White Lagoon is only accessible by boat from Sharm el-Sheikh, and is one of the main attractions for everyone next to the Tiran Islands. They belong to an archipelago that has status as protected area, and may not be visited in the future.
For divers, the choice goes much further. There are many shipwrecks out here, which means not only rich fish life but also underwater adventures. The Jackson Reef is another great attraction, with its 70 meters drop-off.