Of Egypt's Red Sea ports, Quseir is the one with the longest history and the most traces from it.
In ancient Egyptian history, this was the port for expeditions to the "Land of Punt". Throughout Muslim history, this was a major port for pilgrims heading for Mecca.
Around town, there several places interesting for most visitors. The harbor is still in full use, there is a 13th century mosque (although renovated numerous times), a 16th century Ottoman fort and pilgrimage hospital.

In ancient times, Quseir was the port for the export of Egyptian wheat. This trade is continued through the port of Safaga, now as imports of wheat coming from Australia.
On Fridays, Quseir very much comes alive, when the market attracts Bedouins from near and far, coming into town to stock up and see other people.
Quseir has several good reefs popular both for diving and snorkeling

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