Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis


Siwa Oasis is situated between the Sand Sea of Egypt in the Libyan Desert and the Qattara Depression. The oasis covers a length of around 80 km and width of around 20 km. Located amidst the lovely natural setting, the Siwa Oasis offers a wide range of panoramic view to its visitors.

This area is highly popular for its olive and date fruits. It is basically situated on the old date caravan route and receives a large number of travelers throughout the year. While talking about the Siwa Oasis, the three-day festival should also be mentioned. It is generally celebrated on the month of October. During this festive season, the people of Siwa try to settle all their conflicts of previous years.

SiwaApart from this, the other remarkable features of this area include the beautiful springs. The water of this region tastes sweet and believed to have medical properties. Currently, Siwa is considered to be a major traditional tourist destination in the country.

It is also assumed that the traditional Siwan House museum is located in the town center and the area offers various craft works, specifically woven clothes that are unique in this country.

By taking flights, trains, buses and some other means of transportation, tourists can reach the territory of Siwa Oasis.

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