Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis


Dakhla Oasis is located to the northwestern part of Kharga and to the southeastern part of Farafra. This oasis comprises 14 settlements and enjoys an approximate population of 70,000 people. Dakhla is probably one of the most splendid oases of Egypt and of course the centre of attraction to the tourists visiting the country.

El-Muzzawaka TombsDakhla is encircled by pink cliffs. There are around 30,000 acres of cultivated landmass and a major part of these fields and gardens are filled with mulberry trees, figs, citrus fruits and date palms. The specialty of this place is that in spite of its huge size it has still succeeded to retain its charms. Dakhla is the only Egyptian place where new water wheels (driven by buffaloes) are built.

According to the historical evidence, this Oasis had been domiciled since the prehistoric era. There was once a huge lake over here. While taking a trip around the Dakhla Oasis, tourists can also find the magnificent Neolithic rock paintings which indicate that the buffaloes, elephants and ostriches used to come here often. However, since the lake dried, the inhabitants moved to the Nile valley. In the northern part of this oasis, there is a rose-Colored rock wall.

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