Baharia Oasis

Baharia Oasis


Bahariya Oasis (Baharia Oasis) is one of the greatest attractions in Egypt. It is roughly 300 km away from the capital city of Cairo and is situated in the Giza Province. Here, tourists will find an art museum and the major agricultural products including mangoes, dates, guavas and olives.

Baharia OasisBahariya comprises several villages of which Bawiti is the biggest one and also considered to be centre of administration. It is assumed that this Oasis had been a significant agricultural hub in the Pharaonic period and was highly popular for its wine.

Tourists, who are interested in the wildlife, should definitely visit the wonderful Bahariya Oasis in Egypt, since it offers a wide range of Wildlife variety to its visitors.

Another tourist attraction that is located close to the Oasis is the Black and White deserts. The deserts will surely appeal to the tourists with its picturesque ambiance. The Black Desert was mainly formed by the wind erosion when the volcanic mountains were ejected on the desert floor nearby.

Apart from this, there are the remains of the temples and colonies of the 17th Dynasty. The graves where birds were entombed are also located close to this place.

Bahariya Oasis is also easily accessible. By availing the flights tourists can get into this place from the major international destination. On the other hand, the local residents can take the assistance of bus or car services.