Oasis in Egypt


Siwa oasisThe oasis in Egypt comprises the many depressions in the desert regions of Egypt. The desert regions include the Western desert and the Eastern desert, where the climatic conditions are very harsh throughout the year. The only places of relief in the deserts are these oases regions. Though these places are densely populated, it represents only a hundredth of the total population of Egypt. It is the Bedouin tribes in chief, who inhabit these oases regions. Agriculture is the chief means of occupation.

Western desert Oases

Surrounded by an ocean of sterile sands, the oases are green islands of fertile soil…. Many projects are executed to create a new valley, parallel to the Nile valley, in this so much promising region (more than 5 millions of feddans are available for agriculture)…

Major Egyptian Oasis

Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis is situated between the Sand Sea of Egypt in the Libyan Desert and the Qattara Depression. The oasis covers a length of around 80 km and width of around 20 km. Located amidst the lovely natural setting, the Siwa Oasis offers a wide range of panoramic view to its visitors.

Kharga Oasis

El-Kharga Oasis is around 550 Km away from the Egyptian capital city of Cairo. The major attractions of this place include numerous monuments, the most important of which is the temple of Hebes. It is located around 3 Km north of the Oasis. The temple was devoted to the Triad of Amon, Mut, Thebes and Khonso of the 26th Dynasty.

Fayoum Oasis

Fayoum is a wonderful city in the country of Egypt. For a long time this place is attending a large number of tourists across the globe. It is quite unique in its beauty and charm. The geographical location of Fayoum is latitude 29.3078 and longitude 30.8400, whereas the altitude of this place is roughly 131 feet.

Farafra Oasis

Farafra Oasis is probably the smallest oasis situated in the Western part of Egypt. It is basically located in the desert of Libya, between the regions of Bahariya and Dakhla. Since a long time, this place has been entertaining a large number of international tourists, who come here to get a glance of the nearby hot springs at El-Mufid Lake and the Bir Setta.

Dakhla Oasis

Dakhla Oasis is located to the northwestern part of Kharga and to the southeastern part of Farafra. This oasis comprises 14 settlements and enjoys an approximate population of 70,000 people. Dakhla is probably one of the most splendid oases of Egypt and of course the centre of attraction to the tourists visiting the country.

Baharia Oasis

Bahariya Oasis (Baharia Oasis) is one of the greatest attractions in Egypt. It is roughly 300 km away from the capital city of Cairo and is situated in the Giza Province. Here, tourists will find an art museum and the major agricultural products including mangoes, dates, guavas and olives.